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Wayne W. Dyer, PH.D, is a well known author and speaker in the fields of personal development and spirituality. He's authored over 30 books and has been on thousands of TV and radio shows.

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Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal.
Live this day as if it were your last.
The past is over and gone.
The future is not guaranteed.

Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body
rather than a body with a soul.

Everything you are against weakens you.
Everything you are for empowers you.

Freedom means you are unobstructed
in living your life as you choose.
Anything less is a form of slavery.

How people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours.

If you are living out of a sense of obligation you are slave.

If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

Love is the ability and willingness
to allow those that you care for
to be what they choose for themselves
without any insistence that they satisfy you.

Our intention creates our reality.

Simply put,
you believe that things or people make you unhappy,
but this is not accurate.
You make yourself unhappy.

Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

A non-doer is very often a critic.
That is, someone who sits back and watches doers,
and then waxes philosophically
about how the doers are doing.
It's easy to be a critic,
but being a doer requires
effort, risk, and change.

When you're inspired,
you're not judging others or yourself.
You aren't bothered by attitudes or behaviors
that would otherwise bother you.
When you're inspired your heart sings
in appreciation for every breath;
and you're tolerant, joyful and loving.

Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.

Deficiency motivation doesn't work.
It will lead to a life-long pursuit of try to fix me.
Learn to appreciate what you have
and where and who you are.

Doing what you love
is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.

Everything in the universe has a purpose.
Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything
in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.

The highest form of ignorance
is when you reject something
you don't know anything about.

Abundance is not something we acquire.
It is something we tune into.

Anything you really want, you can attain,
if you really go after it.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.

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