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The Unexplainable Store
Personal Development Made Easy

meditation download, meditation mp3

Iíve received many emails asking about recommendations for meditation, relaxation, and personal development cdís. Iíve used a lot of different programs over the years and unfortunately havenít found one that was worth sharing, until now. A couple of months ago, I had my first experience with The Unexplainable Store. Here is an explanation of what they do, how their MP3s work, and my personal results.

The Unexplainable Store
They have an impressive collection of meditation MP3ís to assist in personal development, spirituality, and inspirational living. Each one is based on a particular theme such as: relaxation, motivation, increased energy, meditation, improved sleep, manifestation, confidence, stress relief, financial abundance, improving your memory, breaking addictions, and so on.

How do they Work?
The mp3s use a technology called binaural beats which has been researched for almost 170 years. The technology uses different sound wave frequencies to produce the desired effect on the brain. This can help to put you into different states of consciousness. These frequencies are natural states we touch upon every day. For more information on how binaural beats work read this article.

Subliminal Messages?
This is not another subliminal message cd. Subliminal recordings attempt to program the brain with the use of sounds and voices alone. Subliminal recordings usually have no immediate effects, and it is doubted if they produce any effects at all. Over the course of my life, Iíve used them several times and they didnít do anything for me.

energy, binaural beats, meditation On the other hand- Binaural Beats work immediately, and can be felt upon the first use. There is proven science behind Binaural Beats and the effects are real. Binaural Beats successfully alter your brains frequencies. Once your brain is in the right state to absorb, subliminal programming is dramatically improved. Binaural Beats use the exact same frequencies that we touch upon everyday in our daily lives. They allow you to reach certain mind levels "On Demand".

Unexplainable Store MP3 Suggestions

  • Energy Lift MP3
    The Energy Lift binaural beat recording will make you feel like you just took a nap and give you the energy perk you need to get through the day. If you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day and rely on coffee or power drinks this is for you.
  • Meditation MP3
    Proper Meditation practices require a lot of time and practice to train the mind to reach the proper state. Most beginner meditation attempts are unsuccessful because they are simply unable to drop their brain frequency to the Alpha zone, which is the desired meditation state. With a proper Binaural Beat Recording, your body and mind will be in the Alpha State within minutes.
  • Manifest Your Dreams into Reality MP3
    This recording will help to manifest your thoughts into reality by eliminating the brain's natural blockages. Rid yourself of doubt and negative feelings. Use this download to take full advantage of the Law of Attraction.
  • Increased Confidence MP3
    Displaying confidence and feeling good about yourself are positive traits and an expression of your inherent self-worth. This confidence recording taps into your subconscious and transforms a meek outlook on life into a confident, self-assured one.
  • Sleep Easy MP3
    Are you having trouble falling asleep? Did you know your brain is directly responsible for sleep? If you toss and turn, while thoughts race around in your mind, then this is a great solution. Binaural Beats are safe, and there is no need to take sleeping pills anymore.
  • Memory Enhancement MP3
    Long term memory and short term memory both are dependent on the brains state when absorbing knowledge. When the brain is in the correct state, information can and will be stored properly and efficiently. Use this MP3 to safely and effectively improve your brains learning and memory abilities.
  • Motivation! MP3
    Motivation is the foundation of success. To succeed, you need to weed out all the negative thoughts and capitalize on the positive. You need to put effort into your goals and focus on your progress. We can all be successful and this recording will help you build the motivation you need to succeed!

My Results
Iím not a big consumer of coffee or caffeine products. Iíve taken them in the past, but usually they leave me feeling jittery and unfocused. When I drank coffee I would get a rush of energy and a euphoric feeling, but I wouldnít get much of value accomplished. Also the next day I would wake up tired and groggy.

Iíve tried other substitutes for an energy boost like deep breathing, light exercise, a power nap, and inspirational music. But most of these didnít have lasting energy and the power naps would leave me feeling foggy.

The unexplainable storeís Energy Lift mp3 has done an amazing job at giving me the lasting energy I need. It provides a noticeable energy and concentration boost that allows me to be in the flow and enjoy my day while being productive.

Now whenever I feel lazy, tired, stressed, unfocused, or distracted; I take a break and turn on my Energy Lift mp3 for an energy boosting session. Itís the best way Iíve found to safely and effectively boost my energy.

If youíre in a similar situation where you need an energy boost during the day with the ability to remain focused without the jitters or unhealthy side effects that come along with caffeine, then the Energy Lift mp3 will be a valuable tool for you.

Visit The Unexplainable Store to Learn More
For a full list of mp3ís visit The Unexplainable Store. You can check out More Info, Free Bonuses and Testimonials. Whether you regularly practice meditation, visualization, and self growth, or are just starting out in your exploration, these meditation tools are a great asset. I hope you enjoy listening to binaural beats by the Unexplainable Store and reap the benefits for years to come.

Risk Free Guarantee
The unexplainable store puts customer satisfaction first. They are available to help and provide a rock solid 8 week 100% No Risk money back guarantee. Which gives you enough time to try out an mp3 and see the results in your life.

Basic Instructions
To get the best results, be sure to use headphones when listening to each recording. Also lay down in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. Then close your eyes and play the recording. Let your mind and body relax as you focus on the sounds.

Experience Life Changing Results Now!
If you'd like to try binaural beats for meditation, relaxation, or personal development, visit The Unexplainable Store Website to find details and order online. All the MP3s are instantly downloadable (for use with your MP3 player or to burn to CD) and have an 8 week money back guarantee.

Enjoy The Unexplainable Store and keep me posted with your results.

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