Surf Dog

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A great story of how one dog is helping people through surfing. That's right, an actual dog surfing in the ocean.

It's an inspiring story of being true to yourself and how following your joy can lead you to the right place. Ricochet was trained to be a service dog, but had a very strong instinct to chase birds.

No amount of training was able to alter his natural instinct. That's when his trainers realized he also had a love for being in the water. That was the beginning of his new career.

It's a great story and easily relatable to life. How many times have we tried to rid ourselves of something that feels natural, just so we can fit into a mold created by others?

Let Ricochet the surfing dog free you from the confines of living how someone else would like you to live and start to be yourself. Who knows what's waiting for you.

Enjoy this inspiring video.

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