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Meditation for Personal Growth

The following is a Meditation for Personal Growth.

Several years ago while taking an acting class, I came across a very eye opening meditation. It was taught as two separate exercises. The purpose was to gain insight from your past and get more in touch with your character.

After learning the exercises, I quickly adapted them into a powerful tool. This meditation for personal growth takes about 10-15 minutes and will provide insight into your past and future.

To begin
Find a place where you have privacy and won't be interrupted. Sit in a comfortable position and start with some slow deep breathing. Do this for a couple of minutes. Allow your mind and body to relax and unwind from the day.

Part 1
Imagine yourself in a room with two chairs that sit facing one another. Take a seat in one chair. Imagine the youngest version of yourself that you can remember walking in through a door. Invite the past you to sit down in the empty chair facing you. Speak to the child version of yourself. Ask- what do you love about your life? What are you afraid of? Who do you love? What do you want to do?... Let the questions come naturally. Spend some time in the discussion, your child self will reveal many interesting things to you. Make sure not to jump in or try to fix the problems. This is your time to listen. Then share with your child self any advice you wish him/her to know, things you wish had been shared with you when you were that young. Let him know you are there and that things will be ok. Maybe bring up a challenging situation you remember, one he hasn't experience yet, and let him know it will be coming up, but not to worry. Thank him for his time, let him know you love him and say good bye.

Watch as the child leaves through a door. Take a few breaths to let everything settle in.

Part 2
Then get up and walk over to the other chair and sit down. Watch as another door opens and the future you walks in. The you from 20 years in the future.

Visualize this future version as the ideal you. Perhaps physically fit, confident, passionate, happy... Begin to ask him questions, ask any questions you have and know he will answer you honestly. He is sharing from a place of wisdom, he's been through what you've been through, plus more, and he know's what you know and more. Ask him advice about your life, What advice would he like to share with you, any messages he has, and anything he might want to inform you of.

Add one more step.

Invite the child version of yourself back into the room. Have the three of you sit down and look at one another. Look deeply into each others eyes. See the similarities, notice the differences. Feel the love and compassion for and from each other.

When ready, have all three versions of yourself walk into one another and blend into the present you. Which is who you are. A combo of the past, present, and future possibilities.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, allow yourself to feel the warmth and any emotions that may be present.

This is a great tool to process your past, heal issues that may be lingering, and to remember to love and accept who you are now, who you were, and who you're becoming.

Enjoy this Meditation for Personal Growth and experiment with it. There are several variations you can try. Here's one more to get you started.

When going to the past and present versions of yourself. Connect with the past you from 5 years ago and the future you from 5 years into the future. It will bring more insight into your current life situations and can help to solve problems that may be weighing you down.

Get more help to improve your life with a Meditation MP3.

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