How to Create
an Inspiring Work Environment

In this article I am going to share with you How to Create an Inspiring Work Environment. Your work environment is the place where you will spend approximately 1/3 of your day. With this in mind, it's important to have a work space that's both inspiring and functional.

Below are some great ideas to get you started on creating your own inspiring work environment. The guidelines below can be fully customized to fit you unique needs. If you work from home, in a cubicle, or drive a bus you can benefit from taking charge of your work space.

First off, take a look around at your space. What do you see, smell, feel, hear, and taste? How do these things make you feel? If your answer is energized, inspired and creative, then you’re set. Anything less and you’re in need of some help.

Ever walk into a place and feel your breath immediately get shallow and restricted, your eyes hurt, shoulders get tight? For me this happens in a hospital or doctors office. The sterile environment and mindless procedures feel like throwing water on a burning fire. I can feel the contraction the minute I walk in.

How about the opposite? Have you ever walked into a place and felt lighter, inspired, energized? There was a coffee shop I used to visit when I was in school and it had that affect on me. The unique artwork, smell of coffee, eclectic music, and antique furniture made an inspiring impact the minute I walked into the place.

Take the ideas below and mold them into what works best for you. Enjoy the process of creating an inspiring work environment.

1. Organize Your Place
This is the first step. It doesn’t pay to start adding things to an already cluttered space. So take some time, a few minutes, hours, days, whatever you need. Clean it up, throw out the trash, organize what’s important.

2. Visual
We are visual creatures. What do you like to look at? What are the things that make you feel peaceful, inspired, and motivated? Come up with creative ways to surround yourself with these images.

Some ideas to create a visually appealing work space:

  • Pictures of family/loved ones
  • Calendar with beautiful scenery, architecture, animals, etc…
  • Inspiring Artwork
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Computer wallpaper/screen saver - put inspiring pictures and words.
  • Lamp with soft lighting, most office lighting is harsh on the eyes

3. Smell
what scents do you like? Aromas affect us in different ways. They can be calming, invigorating, fresh smelling etc… Try experimenting with different scents to see which ones you like the most. Try using essential oils, a scented candle, incense, or a fan for fresh air.

Plants are a great addition to most workspaces. They provide a touch of nature, they’re visually appealing, and they clean the air.

4. Sound
What sounds do you find appealing? You’re probably limited with what you can do at work, but you have choices. Get a good pair of headphones and explore different styles of music. Classical, instrumental, and soundscapes, can all be conducive to setting a relaxed and productive environment. Nature sounds and noise cancelling headphones are another option.

5. Touch/Texture
This is an often overlooked area that can bring a lot of reward. Here are few ideas to try out. Get a new mouse for your computer. There are so many different styles to choose from. Find one that fits your hand. Also pens and pencils come in different colors, textures, and sizes. It's something simple that could make working more fun and also more comfortable.

6. Taste
Not a lot to do with taste, but here are a couple of ideas. Recycled office air can be dehydrating, drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay energized and hydrated. Keep a favorite low calorie snack around. The right snack can be energizing and healthy. Some options could include, fresh fruit, trail mix, veggies.

Use the above ideas to help create a relaxed, creative, and inspiring work environment. You don’t need to make all the above changes, try just one or two. Simple changes can make a big impact.

I get a lot of use out of a dry erase board. It’s easy to put up inspirational quotes, goals, and reminders.

If you work from home you will have more freedom to make bigger changes such as painting walls and moving your desk to a window. Don't let the restrictiveness of your environment get you down. Where there's a will there's a way.  Even if you drive a taxi - you have music, scent, pictures, steering wheel covers, seat covers, and more to work with.

In my work space I currently have pictures of my family, a calendar with thought provoking artwork, and pictures of nature with inspirational quotes. There's music playing in the background and scented candles that give off a mild relaxing aroma.

Adding a few of these things has added to my productivity, as I have found it easier to work when I enjoy the space I’m working in.

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