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The Greatest Inspirational
Dying Quotes

This page is part two of an inspirational collection of Death and Dying Quotes.

We usually meet death with sadness and remorse for things not done and words not said. The best medicine is to live your life fully, be brave, make mistakes, and say what's on your mind, even if it's not appropriate. The words below will encourage you to celebrate life and respect the mystery of the unknown.

Enjoy this page of inspiring death and dying quotes.

Somebody should tell us,
right at the start of our lives, that we are dying.
Then we might live life to the limit,
every minute of every day.
Do it! I say.
Whatever you want to do, do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows.
-Pope Paul VI

There is a dignity in dying that doctors should not dare to deny.

A person starts dying when they stop dreaming.
-Brian Williams

If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
If you are not afraid of dying,
there is nothing you cannot achieve.

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
-St. Francis of Assisi

It is good to die before one has done anything deserving death.

As men, we are all equal in the presence of death.
-Publilius Syrus

Death came with friendly care;
The opening bud to heaven conveyed,
And bade it blossom there.
-Samuel Taylor

Some people are so afraid to die
that they never begin to live.
-Henry Van Dyke

In death a hero, as in life a friend!
-Alexander Pope

More Inspirational Dying Quotes

Perhaps they are not stars,
but rather openings in heaven
where the love of our lost ones pours through
and shines down upon us
to let us know they are happy.
-Eskimo Proverb

Death is a commingling of eternity with time;
in the death of a good man,
eternity is seen looking through time.
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It is a far, far better thing that I do,
than anything I have ever done;
it is a far, far, better rest that I go to,
than I have ever known.
-Charles Dickens

Thinking and talking about death need not be morbid;
they may be quite the opposite.
Ignorance and fear of death overshadow life,
while knowing and accepting death erases this shadow.
-Lily Pincus

When the heart weeps for what it has lost,
the soul laughs for what it has found.
-Sufi aphorism

We are ignorant of the Beyond
because this ignorance is the condition of our own life.
Just as ice cannot know fire except by melting and vanishing.
-Jules Renard

He who has gone,
so we but cherish his memory,
abides with us, more potent, nay,
more present than the living man.
-Antoine de Saint-ExupÚry

Death-the last voyage, the longest and the best.
-Thomas Wolfe

Die happily
and look forward to taking up a new and better form.
Like the sun,
only when you set in the west can you rise in the east.

Do not seek death. Death will find you.
But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.
-Dag Hammarskj÷ld

More Inspirational Dying Quotes

We cannot banish dangers,
but we can banish fears.
We must not demean life bystanding in awe of death.
-David Sarnoff

Because I could not stop for death
He kindly stopped for me
The carriage held but just ourselves
And immortality.
-Emily Dickinson

The gods conceal from men the happiness of death,
that they may endure life.

Have no regrets.
The elderly usually don't have regrets for what we did,
but rather for things we did not do.
The only people who fear death
are those with regrets.

I think of death as some delightful journey
that I shall take when all my tasks are done.
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Death is the opening of a more subtle life.
In the flower, it sets free the perfume;
in the chrysalis, the butterfly;
in man, the soul.
-Juliette Adam

Death is the gate of life.
-St. Bernard of Clairvaux

A day grows old as we do.
Do not wish death upon it.
Let it live, let it love,
and only then should you let it rest in peace.
-Michelle C. Ustaszeski

Life is a brief intermission,
between birth and death, enjoy it.
-M.K. Soni

It's strange that they fear death.
Life hurts a lot more than death.
At the point of death, the pain is over.
-Jim Morrison

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