How to Boost Your Productivity

Do you have a lot on your plate? Do your projects tend to get backed up and forgotten about? If so this article is for you.

Learn how to Boost Your Productivity.

Whether you're at home raising a family, in school, or working a job - the 12 tips below will help to boost your productivity and help you get more done. If you apply the following steps you will be on your way to accomplishing more and having more free time.

1. Daily Goals. To be more productive start using a to do list. It's a little tool that will be a big help. Just grab a pad and pen. Every day write down your daily list of things to do. As you accomplish them, cross them off the list.

2. Worst First. Do the things you don't want to do first. When you create a list do you ever notice there is usually one task that you keep putting off? It's on your to do list for days and then weeks. It's usually a challenging task that requires effort and often involves doing something out of your comfort zone. Do this one first and get it out of the way. The rest of you day will be so much lighter. See at Eat the Frog!

3. Drop It! Drop the unnecessary things that are cluttering up your to do list. Be sure to check your list frequently and prune when necessary. Things have a way of staying on your list for a long time without getting done. If that's the case, consider if it belongs on your list or not. If it does then see step #2.

4. Milestones. Chop a big task into mini targets. When you have big task to do, try cutting it down into manageable size chunks. Start with one chunk and continue without stopping till you reach the first target. Mission complete! When you're ready, review your project and make any necessary changes to your approach. Then continue with a new chunk and start moving toward the next target.

5. Doing Time. Pick a time frame, something reasonable and commit to working non-stop for that amount of time. This isn't about reaching a certain target or goal, but working continuously for a set amount of time. For example write everyday for 30 minutes.

6. Easy Things Last. Put your easiest things to do...last. Saving the fun or easy things for last will allow you to finish the day with a strong sense of accomplishment. Most likely at the end of the day you're tired, so why save a big time and energy consuming task when you're not at 100%? Knock that off early in the day and breeze through easier tasks that don't require much attention later in the day.

7. Improve Your Workspace. If you have a work space then use it to your benefit. Make it creative, fun, and stimulating. See How to Create an Inspiring Work Environment.

8. Down Time. Use down time to daydream/visualize about your goal. Spend some time seeing your goals as accomplished. Feel what it's like when your work is done and you're enjoying the spoils.

9. Before Bed. At the end of your workday identify the first task you’ll work on the next day, and set out any needed materials in advance. The next day begin working on that task immediately.

10. Re-Energize. Use a relaxation technique or meditation MP3 to relax and refresh your mind and body. You will experience better productivity when you're relaxed and energized. See Relaxation Technique to learn more.

11. Paper. Keep paper and pen around. When you're working on a project lots of ideas make their way into your mind. Some are keepers and some are just distractions. Don't spend time on them now, just write them down and get to them later. The good ones will still sound good later and the distractions won't.

12. Cross-Pollination. Be active in a variety of new things. Take an exercise class, jog, do martial arts, take an improv class, etc... You'll often find ideas in one field can boost your performance in another.

There you go, 12 tips to Boost Your Productivity. Take it slow. Pick a few that you feel drawn to and start implementing them right away. Reading about the tips are great, but putting them to work is what will make a difference in your life and help you to get more done.

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