The Best Stress Busters

In this article I am going to share with you the Best Stress Busters.

The daily stresses of life can get to everyone including; the busy mom, the college student, and the overworked employee. Stress makes life more difficult, it can make you tired, cranky, anxious, or depressed. Plus the physical feelings of tight muscles, tension headaches, and more.

Use this list of the best stress busters to add some calm to your hectic schedule.

1. Laugh
Laughter is the best medicine. Studies have been done to suggest laughter decreases stress hormones and is good for you immune system. Put in a funny movie or get out a cd of your favorite comedian. A great tip for driving in stressful traffic is to put in your favorite comedian's cd during the commute.

2. Exercise
Exercise will trigger your body to release endorphins which can lift your mood. This can be as simple as a walk around the block or a few jumping jacks.

3. Get Out
Seriously get outside, fresh air and sunlight can lift your mood and clear you mind in just a few minutes. People take cigarette breaks all the time- well give yourself a fresh air break. You deserve it. Little hint- Take 5 big deep belly breaths while you are outside. Fill up your lungs all the way; hold it for 2 seconds and then exhale. Repeat 5 times and you are set.

4. Dance anyone?
Yes, turn up the music to your favorite songs and go wild. Probably best done at home. Sing out loud, dance around and do it for you. You will have lots of fun and the stress will melt away.

5. Get Quiet
This is the most effective stress buster period. Learn to meditate. It can be a simple process. Here's how. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Close your eyes and let your body relax. Now breathe in and breathe out. On the in breath let the air fill your belly, don't strain to get in too much air just enough. Then as soon as you are done breathing in, exhale. Let the inhale and exhale go slow and smooth. Let it be continuous, don't hold your breath. Count your breaths when you've reached ten, your done.

Ok, here is one more.

Turn it off!
I mean the news. Most of the news really stresses people out. It focuses on catastrophes and problems, allow yourself to focus on what is good in your life.

Put the best stress busters to work in your life and feel the benefits of a healthier you. Laugh, exercise, get outside, dance, and find the quiet.

Till next time.

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