The Girl Who Silenced the World

The Girl Who Silenced the World

An amazing video of one young girl, Severn Suzuki, speaking on behalf of ECO - the Environmental Childrens Organization. She is addressing the United Nations and asking for each person in the room to stand up and take responsibility. To stop thinking of ourselves in a segregated manner and begin to see everyone as a whole. To think of us one planet, rather than many nations. One family, rather than different people.

She encourages the world leaders in the room to consider world peace and universal responsibility. She asks for everyone to think of future generations in our actions and to stop breaking things we don't know how to fix.

This young woman courageously calls it as she sees it, and challenges everyone to take responsibility for how things are and to begin to make things better.

We could all learn a lot from listening to Severn Suzuki and things could be even better if her advice was acted upon.

Enjoy this inspirational video.

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