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Inspirations, Issue #011, Why?
March 08, 2011


Hi again, This is Joe from Thank you for being a valued subscriber to the INSPIRATIONS NEWSLETTER.

I hope you enjoyed the previous issue of Inspirations. This month is a shorter issue, but it's packed with power. Enjoy the contemplation, meditation, and insights that follow.

1. New Pages and Sections
2. Why?
3. Meditation
4. Quote for the month

1. New Pages and Sections

Inspirational Quotes for Women This is the newest section that's been added to the website. I currently have 5 pages full of inspiring quotes for women, about women, and by women.

Check out the Inspirational Quotes Blog for the newest pages and important updates. The blog will list the 15 most recent pages of quotes, articles, poems, and stories.

Be sure to visit the Inspirational Articles section for creative ways to live a more joyful life. New articles are being added regularly.

2. Why???

This month, instead of an article, I want to share with you a few questions to consider.

Read through the following questions several times and let the gravity of each one set in. You can easily answer them on a superficial level, but they have the power to dig down deeply into your being and reveal some very powerful insights.

What am I doing?
Why am I doing it?
Where is this going?
What do I want?

Most people spend their lives runnning around doing and getting stuff, but never stop and ask the question - why? Knowing the answer to why is empowering and will fuel you toward success.

Spend some time with the above questions. Find a quiet space, grab some paper and pen, then begin. Let yourself meditate, contemplate, and write.

3. Meditation for Personal Insight
A few years ago I came across a couple of exercises in an acting class. The exercises helped me to get more in touch with the character I was working on and also gave me great insights into myself. I later adapted the exercises into this Meditation for Personal Insight.

Learn this Meditation for Personal Growth Here!

4. Quote for the month
Love the life you live.
Live the life you love.

-Bob Marley


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