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The Greatest Inspirational

This page is a collection of motivational and inspirational stories and poems. Each of the stories and poems below shares a powerful message of inspiration or motivation. Most have been shared with me by different teachers. Some while at school and others on the road of life. They have all come at the perfect time and brought me a wonderful gift when I needed it most. So enjoy these inspirational and motivational stories and poems. Allow their messages to empower your life.

This page is being updated on a regular basis, so be sure to check back soon.

Inspiring Stories & Poems

My Life To Live Over Great story about enjoying life to the fullest.

Risk Appearing the Fool The greatest risk is to take no risk at all.

But I Am Present The struggle to be an individual.

Reading More and Dusting Less All moments are special moments.

You Are More! Jean Houston from "A Passion for the Possible."

Happiness is a Journey! Stop waiting and start living.

Wear Sunscreen Lyrics from the inspirational song.

The Cookie Thief Great story about jumping to conclusions.

The Starfish Story Living with an optimistic point of view and making a difference.

The Charles Schultz Philosophy Inspirational quiz on what's really important in life.

The Hospital Window An inspirational story of hope, friendship, and imagination.

Abraham Lincoln Persistence Inspiration to keep reaching for your dreams.

The Butterfly Story Struggles and the growth they provide.

Spilt Milk Story The power of confidently making mistakes.

You Are Valuable A great story on the inherent value of each person.

Our Deepest Fear Famous words by Marianne Williamson on living your greatness.

The Invitation Inspirational poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer on the adventure of being alive.

Letting Go How to live with self-empowerment.

I am Me Being happy with who you are.

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